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368 Margaret Dr
Twin Bridges, CA, 95735
United States

904 654 8966

About Us

Silicate Souls are the  creative companions "Lunar Lauren" Isabelle and Daniel R Clay

       Daniel R Clay, born and raised in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. Lauren Isabelle, born and raised northeast Florida. 

Our story together starts in Florida. We met in high school, dated for awhile and then eventually fell in love. After gradutation we pursued performance art, painting live and vending at festivals and shows. Although we loved the art scene in Florida, we craved mountain living. We decided that we should up root and move to Lake Tahoe, California. When we arrived, it was a struggle to continue the painting pursuits we had grown accustom to. Having little success and drive for this passion anymore. But our exploratory spirits took us hiking peaks and riding snow, this then took over our lives. 

While on a hike one day we started finding little Quartz crystals weathering out of a hillside. After revisiting the spot a few times our curiosity turned into obsession. We had found a new passion, mineral exploring and collecting. Having a love for crystals already we clicked right into this new love. 

After a couple years building up crystals, Lauren decided to start setting the stones we unearthed as gifts for family and loved ones. Her interest for this medium grew, as well as her talent. 

 Fast forward a couple more years. We now work together to create unique, one a kind pieces, with the beautiful crystals we unearth from all around the USA. We also sell our excess specimens to help continue to fuel our journey.

Thanks for taking the time to see our passions and read our story.

-Daniel R Clay & Lauren Isabelle