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Mining Gear

what do we use?

A question we get quite often when people seek our advice on crystal mining would be, "what do we use for mining?".  

Although not every spot you mine will not require the same tools, this is a general guide including many, but not all of our "Go-Tos"

Estwing E3-22P 22 oz Rock Pick

This pick should be in every rockhound and miners arsenal of tools. Whether you're chasing veins through hardrock or chipping through compressed alluvial deposits, this should be your go to tool after clearing the muck.

SNAN Car Jump Starter Portable External Battery 

One time while out mining, our car battery died from not turning off the head lights. *dough!* A friend had to drive 2 hours from their home to give us a jump. After that we bought one of these so that never happens again! 

Dasco Pro 44 Cold Chisel Kit, 3-Piece Set

This chisel set is great for breaking apart the hard rock standing between you and crystals. Not ideal for making large breaks but great for those tight, smaller cracks. Also they are made of high carbon steel that has been heat treated which makes them extremely durable! 

Groz 16" "Roll-Head" bar

This bar is really useful for those tight spaces in need of separation. Not a tool we always carry. But if its a hardrock kind of day you bet it will be in the pack! The spiked tip is also useful for making deep cracks. 


Not something we use "in-field" but still felt compelled to share. If you chase minerals or crystals this is a MUST! The best way to clean those hard to scrub pieces hands down. Just make sure you keep it oiled! 

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

Don't forget your head lamp! Your hole may not get the memo that the sun is going down and it keeps throwing crystals your way. Or perhaps you've dug deeper than the lights reach? Either way always bring a head lamp and extra batteries.

Estwing GP100 "geo-pick"

A bit larger than the "ES-22P" model, the GP100 "Geo-Pick" or "Paleo-Pick" is another must have. Better for prospecting or starting a new hole. You can take much bigger swipes with this pick. Not very heavy for its size either! 

Dasco Pro G437 4 x 7-Inch

You know your having a good time when you have to break these out. These chisels are best used for making a large break. The safety guard is a good feature also. If your using these, you're more than likely putting some real power into it! If you're like us its savings in fingers is well worth it.

Hardy latex coated work gloves

These things will save your hands more times than you can count! Even just a careless swing of a pick to close to the sometimes razor sharp rocks lining your hole can cut you severely. Being artist as well as miners we like to keep our hands in tact. 

Kershaw Kuro

Lunar Lauren never leaves home without her Kershaw! As most outdoors people know you should never leave home without a good pocket knife. 

SOS Gear Pocket Chain Saw

These are so game changer if you dig spots with roots that like to block your progress! Relativity fast to cut through decent sized foliage where you can't use a chainsaw. Also extremely light weight so we always carry one. 

KMASHI Portable Power Bank

Never miss a chance to capture a amazing crystal coming to light for the first time because of a dead battry 

Estwing b3 3lb hammer

As you may be noticing by now, Estwing is a highly trusted and recommended brand.  This hammer is no exception to that!  Great for cracking rock with a lot of bang for its size.


Pittsburgh 4 Piece Heavy Duty Pry Bar Set

A great value for many situations! At least one of these pry bars are almost always in our packs. Great for prying small-medium  sized  rocks apart without much added weight. 

3M Dust Mask with Respirator 

Not always a need depending on the places your digging. But if you're like us,  digging in the harsh, dry high deserts of the Sierra Nevadas, it's pretty dusty! No one likes hocking up gunk for days after mining, so we recommend you use these if you don't want to either. 

KobraTech Mini Cell Phone Tripod

This is one of our new favorite must have items! So light you don't even notice its in your pack. Well worth it for capturing a beautiful crystals first light properly.

LifeStraw Water Filter

This is something that almost never leaves our pack. Especially if we are going prospecting long distances. Even though we spend a lot of time in the desert where there is no water, still a comforting thing to carry. 

Gem Trail & Rockhounding Books

Now these you have to take with a grain of salt. Some of the information may be out of date or inaccurate. BUT it can unlock zones for you especially if your new to mining or visiting a new area. They have them for most states in the United States. 

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